Feeling Bodies Emotion Magnets

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Feeling Bodies Emotion Magnets


Emotional Intelligence tool used in homes, schools and councillors offices worldwide.

Available in English and French.

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We are all feeling bodies. Think about it... we all have bodies and we all have feelings. Actually our feelings are the language of our bodies.

Imagine if we knew exactly how to interpret the signs that our bodies were giving us.

Imagine knowing exactly what it means when your chest feels heavy or your stomach feels queasy.

That's what can be learned with the Feeling Bodies emotion magnets. Teach your kids to recognize the signs their bodies are giving them, to know what it means and to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. Invaluable skills that will help them through life.

Feeling Bodies Emotion Magnets
Feeling Bodies Emotion Magnets
Feeling Bodies Emotion Magnets


A tool to guide kids to get comfortable with their feelings

Knowing what we feel is the foundation for developing Emotional Intelligence, which is essential for a successful and fulfilling life. It's never too early to start supporting children to feel at ease with their feelings.

The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets are a fun and gentle way to help kids:

  • Identify their feelings

  • Recognize other people's feelings

  • Start conversations about their feelings

  • Express their feelings in a safe and healthy way.

We so wish we would have learned all of this as children, make sure your kids don’t miss out.




  • 20 EXPRESSIVE FIGURES on magnets that illustrate a wide range of emotions in a non-stereotypical and neutral way. 

  • 6 EMOTION CATEGORIES color-coded to guide children to understand the different core emotions we all experience as well as the nuances between feelings.

  • A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED GUIDE that provides key insights about emotions. It includes questions to support adults in guiding the children to identify and understand their emotions. Tips: different ways to use the magnets to build emotional awareness, cultivate empathy and develop good decision making skills.

  • 4 BONUS MAGNETS to help your child shift focus or learn to identify what makes them feel happy, to build empathy and make better decisions

The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets also complement and fit into the My Feelings Box. The colors of the emotions are matching and provide additional guidance for children to express their feelings.

Feeling Bodies


The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets can be used with and by children as young as 3-years old up to adults of all ages. They are ideal for kids who are very visual, do not yet read and also for children with a foreign mother tongue. They also serve as a great bridge for children (or adults) who struggle to find words to express their emotions and as a result may often have tantrums or be very quiet.

The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets are used in homes, classrooms, councillors offices and therapist praxis’.



The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets are a set of figures illustrating emotions that come printed on magnets. These magnets can be used on a fridge or any other magnetic surface at home, in classrooms or in therapists offices.

They allow children to identify their emotions by recognizing what they are experiencing in their bodies and then matching that to a feeling body figure. Ultimately, this allows them to expand and build their emotion vocabulary.

They serve as a safe an non-intrusive way to express emotions, leading to powerful communication and enlightening conversations.

I have used Feeling Magnets products in both my professional work and personal life and I absolutely love them. Working with children who have experienced trauma and/or mental health and behavioral issues, I found Feeling Magnets for Kids a crucial tool to have on hand. Talking about feelings can be scary. Feeling Magnets make those important conversations so much easier to initiate. They not only provide a fun way for the kids to identify and take ownership of their feelings, but help develop critical healthy habits around emotive expression. The range of emotions available and the drawings depicting them are amazing. The kids really LOVE the illustrations! And the figures provide flexibility to work with younger children who may not read yet.

But Feeling Magnets make great gifts for children and adults alike. We even have a set up on our fridge. I find it gives us all a safe space to reflect on our emotions for the day, as well as ensure that this time for reflection is part of our routine and not shoved aside because of our busy schedules. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
— Care worker


The Feeling Bodies emotion magnets can be used by children on their own, in groups or together with an adult. They can be used as a check-in ritual (How are you feeling this morning? How are you feeling when you come home from school? How are you feeling before going to bed? Etc.), be brought out at specific moments or simply be left out for everyone to express themselves as and when they like.

Feeling Bodies can be used to...

Identify how you are feeling. Pick the figures that best match your feelings in the moment. Accept your feelings. What experiences, thoughts or beliefs may bring these feelings?

Discover what you would like to feel. Pick the figures expressing how you would like to feel. What thoughts and actions could you choose to help you feel that way?

Make conscious choices. Pick the figures to express how you would feel with each choice. How would you feel if you made this choice? Or another choice? How would you feel if you acted this way? Or that way?

Practice empathy. Put yourself in someone else's situation and pick the figures to best match how they might be feeling. What could they be feeling? What else might they be feeling?