My Feelings Box for kids (with tin)


My Feelings Box for kids (with tin)


Emotional Intelligence tool used in homes, schools and councillors offices worldwide.

Available in English and French.

Also available without tin (for your fridge, whiteboard or elsewhere)

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Imagine going through life and not being overwhelmed and taken over by emotions.

Imagine fully understanding what you feel and knowing how to navigate through each emotion for a smoother ride through life.

That’s what you can give your child by helping them learn about their emotions with the My Feelings Box. We might not have learned this as children but it’s not too late and we can make sure that our children get this skill set as early in their lives as possible.

My Feelings Box for Kids
My Feelings Box for Kids
My Feelings Box for kids


A tool to guide kids to get smarter with their feelings

As parents and teachers, you can sometimes use a little support when it comes to preparing your children for life. You want them to learn essential life skills, you want them to be the best they can be and most of all, you want them to be happy. The My Feelings Box is a playful approach to integrate into everyday life so kids can learn to:

  • Build their emotional vocabulary

  • Become more emotionally aware

  • Ultimately, unlock their emotional super power (Adult speak: they learn how to understand and manage their feelings)

Make sure your kids don’t miss out.




  • 46 COLORFUL MAGNETS with carefully selected emotions to help your child build their emotion vocabulary to find the right words to describe how they feel

  • PORTABLE TIN BOX so your child can take the My Feelings Box with them and also have a safe space to express themselves

  • A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED GUIDE that explains the latest scientific research about emotions to children in a fun and engaging way

  • 4 BONUS MAGNETS to help your child shift focus or learn to identify what makes them feel happy, to build empathy and make better decisions

  • A HANDY THERMOMETER MAGNET so children can express how intensely they feel each emotion 

The My Feelings Box helps children develop the important life skill of emotional literacy and emotional intelligence.

If you prefer, you can also get the My Feelings Box magnets without a tin here.


Find the list of emotions here

Not sure how to introduce your kids to the My Feelings Box?

Here are some ideas



Do you ever wonder what is going on inside your child’s head? Do you every wish you could help them understand and manage their emotions better? And where do you even start…

It can be a challenge to really recognise and handle your emotions. Even as adults, you often don’t fully comprehend what is going on inside yourself. What exactly are you feeling? Why do you feel that way? And yet we all have feelings all the time so it’s a critical skill to have. Then it’s a whole other challenge to try to support and teach your children to understand and navigate through their emotions.

You do the best you can. We try to calm them down when they feel angry or to comfort them when they are sad. But what more can you do to equip them for a smoother ride through life? You can give them the tools and skills to master their emotions. As a result they’ll have better relationships, be better at school and have a smoother ride through life. This starts with learning to know exactly what they are feeling. Then they can understand why they feel each emotion and consciously choose the best possible way to act. That is what the My Feelings Box was created for.



The My Feelings Box is a solution to “unlock your emotion superpower” (adult speak: learn how to understand and manage feelings). At it’s most basic, it is a tool and prompt to help your child find the right words to describe what they feel, to develop their emotion vocabulary and their emotional literacy. You can suggest feelings from the My Feelings Box to help them identify what they are feeling until eventually they find the words themselves.

Finding the right words for how we feel is really powerful. It decreases the power of uncomfortable feelings and anchors the pleasant ones. And once we know what we are feeling, we can also respond in a more informed and conscious way.

The My Feelings Box also includes a fun guide to help children “unlock their emotion superpower”. It explains what emotions are, where they come from, what they want us to do and also what each specific feeling is trying to make us aware of. It offers children a fun and engaging way to learn the important life skills of navigating their emotions and developing their emotional intelligence.

Today I tried again with Nikolas your magnets. We spent 15 minutes discussing so beautifully! He loved it and he shared so many things from his day with me. Normally with the usual questions like “how was your day?” or “what went good today?” he doesn’t share. Amazing tool!!!!
— Dimitra, mother of Nikolas


The My Feelings Box can be used by children on their own so they have a neutral place where they can turn to and express their feelings. It is also often used by parents and children together. They often use the Feeling Magnets to help each other find the right words to express themselves. It serves as a conversation starter and further strengthens your bond with your child.

The My Feelings Box is also used in classrooms, councillors offices and therapist praxis’.