Big Sister Club


Big Sister Club


The Big Sister Club is a safe space for fun and developing life skills. The girls can bring topics from their lives. We create activities together that help them learn and grow what is most relevant for them in that moment.

5 x 2 hours on Saturday’s between August and December 2019.


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What is the Big Sister Club?

The Big Sister Club is a safe space for fun and developing life skills - how to understand and master emotions, to bounce back from difficult situations, to master our minds, understand others, communicate more effectively and so on. The girls can bring topics from their lives that they want to understand better or want help with and we will also do activities together that aim to build their confidence, help them understand themselves and others better, etc.

An overview of what this club might offer to the girls.

An overview of what this club might offer to the girls.



I started offering Resilience Workshops for kids following based on the Penn Resilience Program. When the series of workshops finished, they wanted more. So we added another series of sessions (again and again). I’m a big fan of this resilience program and happily teach it as I witness how the kids grow and develop with these new skills. At the same time, I wanted to offer an open and safe space that could bring in the life skills and tools as and when they were topical for the group. So when friendship struggles come up, we explore those - examining their own assumptions, how to communicate well to clarify what is really going on, to consider what part they play in the struggle, what they need and how to set boundaries or make a request in the best possible way. When stress related to school comes we look at what skills might be helpful there - being aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are going on, mindfulness, breathing and other de-stressing exercises as well as understanding what the stress is about and how to respond to it.

Being the oldest child, I always wished I had an older sister. I even spent an entire holiday when I was about 10 trying to convince my parents to adopt an older sister for me. And I really thought I had a chance. I wanted an older sister who would listen to me, help me understand the world, stand up for me, give me advice, do my hair, to tell my secret crushes to… I never got one, but I had plenty of practice being an older sister for my 3 younger siblings.


When I created this club, I thought I would be the big sister. Since I am the big sister to my three siblings (two sisters and one brother), this role comes very naturally to me. And after my training, I also have powerful coaching skills, expertise in emotional intelligence, resilience, positive psychology and a greater perspective. And I am a big sister for the girls in this club. But I also witness them being big sisters for each other. They share their experiences with each other, they offer each other advice and different perspectives. So they all get to be big sisters and also have big sisters.

My role in this club to create and facilitate a safe space where the girls feel comfortable to bring their questions, concerns and where they can fully be themselves. I serve as a role model, carefully aware of my language, my actions and my behaviour. I grab opportunities as they arise to demonstrate how we can gracefully amend and learn from mistakes, how to resolve conflicts, and deal with the challenges and emotions that arise in each of us. I serve as a mirror to help the girls learn to appreciate their unique qualities, building their confidence, self efficacy and a healthy love and respect for themselves. Depending on what is appropriate, I listen, I offer advice, I hold space and I teach to support them on their journey from child to teenager with the goal of helping them to unfold to their full potential and to thrive.



This club will take place over 5 sessions between February and June. Each session will last for 2.5 hours on a Saturday in a cozy space in Vevey (and sometimes outside by the lake).

Dates are as follows:


Girls Session (∼12 years-old)

Dates and times coming soon.

Other possible session on request (TBD)


Each group has 6 to 10 children of similar ages. Sessions are held in English, but many kids also speak French and other languages. I speak French, German, Swiss-German and Portuguese.



The girls group has a few vacant spots so if you/your daughter (∼12 years-old) are interested in joining, you can apply by completing this questionnaire. Once I have received your application, I will be in touch with you. After we have connected and both think that this club would be valuable for your child, I will then send you the link for the registration and payment as well as access to the parent portal.

There is currently no boys group but requests for a boys group do come in. If you are interested in your son joining a boys group I suggest you see if you know of any other boys of similar ages that would also be interested and then get in contact with me.



Your total investment for your daughter to be part of the Big Sister Club.


CHF 400

This includes:

  • 5 sessions of 2 hours (10 hours of group coaching and experiential learning)

  • Login to a dedicated parent portal where parents can see what topics are addressed in the Big Sister Club sessions. This may also include additional tools and resources that allow parents to support the learning outside the sessions.


What if one of the dates doesn’t work for my child?

With everyone’s busy schedules it’s very challenging to find dates that suit everyone. I do my best to accommodate everyones schedules and if a date doesn’t suit several people in the group anymore, then I try to find a new date whenever possible. This can be a challenge and so it not always possible. If your child will miss one of the sessions, I kindly ask you to let me know by email or phone before the session. Being absent for one or two of the sessions is not a problem and they can absolutely still join the Big Sister Club. When they come back myself and the girls will make sure that we fill her in and make her feel included.

What if something big is going on for my child in between the sessions?

Please do get in touch with me by phone or email and let me know what’s going on. Then I can be prepared if things come up in the session. I can then also weave in things that may be helpful and supportive in dealing with that challenge without directly connecting it to any particular child or experience. Most often it is the case that the other girls will have experienced something similar and will be able to relate as well.

How can I access the Parent Portal to know what topics, tools and games were covered in the sessions?

The login details for the Parent Portal are shared by email with the parents of the children who are registered to the Big Sister Club.