Coaching for Teens & Young Adults

We can all use some extra support sometimes…

Growing up isn't always easy. Actually, life isn't always a walk in the park.

There is so much to figure out - yourself, your friends, your parents, your career…

Who can you talk to about all this?


So many unanswered questions

You want to figure things out for yourself but you realise you don’t have all the answers.

You don’t want to be influenced by your parents or friends.

And sometimes, it’s just easier to speak to a neutral third-party especially if you might…

  • Be stressed with school work and exams to the point that it’s getting in the way of your performance

  • Be struggling to figure out what subjects to take or what you want to do after high school

  • Have challenging relationships with one or both of your parents and wish you could connect with them better

  • Want to understand yourself better so that you can be your best self

  • Get a sense that your parents just don’t get you and you aren’t able to communicate with them the way you would like to

  • Be in a relationship with someone that you are confused about and not sure how to handle

  • Lack confidence in yourself or have a negative view of yourself

  • Spend more time than you would like feeling stressed, afraid, irritable or other unpleasant feelings


And yes, you are a person in the making and it’s OK to not have it all figured out yet.

But it’s a great time to get the tools to make sure you make the most of this precious life.


What do you do…

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused and it’s all just a bit too much?

You might be wondering, is this just a phase that will pass? Do I really need help or should I manage to figure this out myself? Am I the only one with these challenges? Can someone really help me to figure this out?

On one hand it would be nice to get some help, but it costs money and you don’t know if it will really help.


So what now?


I had my first coach at age 26 and it changed my life. I learned so much about myself, how to understand my emotions, how to make decisions that were right for me (not to make others happy), how to know what I really want and so much more. Essentially, this opened a door for me to the life skills that I was missing. The life skills that schools and my parents didn’t teach me. These skills might have come at some point down the line with life experience. But they made my life so much easier and more pleasant and I found myself wondering, why didn’t I learn this earlier?

I coach teens who want to get better at dealing with life

So that’s what I do now. I coach teens who want to get better at dealing with life without having to wait until they are adults. These are learnable skills to understand yourself and others better, learning how to bounce back from failure or difficult times, stand up for yourself and also be grounded in who you are and who you want to be.

Coaching with me provides teens and young adults a safe space to explore themselves, discover their strengths and values, find new perspectives or ways of thinking and much more. Being coached early on gives young people a head start in regards to their self awareness, their emotional intelligence, resilience and ability to understand and navigate in the world. Coaching is not about diagnosing or finding what is wrong with a person. It is about helping you identify and realize your potential amidst the challenges that life may bring.


Who AM I?

I specialise is working with young people because I believe in the power of prevention. We don’t have to wait until things are really bad to make them better. My experience has shown me how quick people are to make up stories in their minds. These then become anchored as their core beliefs. It’s so powerful to catch them in the making and set them on a better path. I love to share the tools and practices that have made my life easier and more fun and I so wish that someone would have helped me see and understand things better.

I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and multiple certificates in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuroscience and am an International Association of Coaching Masteries Practitioner and a Big Leap Coach from the Hendricks Institute. I am also the creator of Feeling Magnets, My Feelings Box and Feeling Bodies - tangible tools to help develop our Emotional Intelligence.

edits-0008 copy.jpg
Manuela has helped me improve my life, she has helped me realise that I don’t need to be thinner to be pretty, and that I could just change my style to start thinking that I’m pretty. She helped me to start meditating and she has also helped me to realise that the emotions, the facts and what we say is really related to each other. And I’ve also just spend a good time with her.
— Katya I, 15

How do the coaching sessions work?

The coaching sessions are a safe space for you to explore yourself and make sense of the things that are happening for you. It’s a bit of “me-time” for you to reflect and learn. Through a mix of questions and teachings I guide you to learn what is most useful and interesting to you in each moment: understanding emotions, how the brain works, social dynamics, different perspectives, etc. You learn what you can control, how to influence and assert yourself and how to navigate the things in life that you cannot change.


Each session is filled with different activities, stories, practices and tools. These practical and experiential sessions help to anchor the learnings and allows you to take them home and apply them easily. Over the six weekly sessions you can witness your own progress, which helps to build your sense of competence to learn and grow further.

I’m a neutral person for you to confide in and to be your trusted advisor. I aim to be an ally that has your back so you can open up to sharing and learning the things that might feel most vulnerable to you. It’s very important for me to be grounded and relatable. I use simple language, I admit my mistakes and weaknesses, share my experiences and learnings openly and never judge.

Sessions can take place online.


I teach you how to fish

I see my role as someone who offers you support for a period of time, that gives you a nudge on your way and that you don’t need anymore afterwards. You learn the skills and tools that you most need so you can be autonomous and equipped for this phase of life. Granted, there are many life skills we can learn, so I do sometimes have clients that come back for more or different things as they enter new phases of life.

I didn’t know the value of having a life coach until I met Manuela. Manuela has helped me overcome one of the most intellectually and emotionally challenging moments in my life. My coaching sessions with Manuela have helped me to develop a step-by-step plan to overcome challenges and achieve my goals. One of the most important things I gain from my coaching sessions with Manuela is attaining clarity in my life, which helps me bridge gaps between what I want to do or who I want to be, and what strategies I can use to get there. Furthermore, we frequently come up with strategies to maximize my happiness in a given situation and to maintain a positive and healthy attitude in my life. My coaching sessions with Manuela have been an invaluable investment in myself, and my happiness.
— Farnaz K, 23

Who should coach with Me?

I work with all kinds of teens and young adults for a range of reasons including:

  • Being confused by the emotional rollercoaster of life

  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed too often

  • Lacking confidence or assertiveness to step up and express self or stand up for self and what they believe

  • Bouncing back from difficult moments or experiences

  • Lacking motivation or a sense of meaning in school work

  • Facing challenges and not sure how to deal with them

  • Not feeling like they can be authentically themselves in their family

  • Being very concerned about performance at school and meeting expectations (yours or others’)

  • Feeling very angry, expressing this anger in ways that aren’t always so helpful and not understanding the anger

  • Being influenced more than they would like as a result of lacking skills to set healthy boundaries

  • Worrying that something might be wrong with them

  • Having big questions and looking for answers

Being coached by Manuela was very helpful for me and my personal life especially during the stressful and difficult time of my exams. Manuela made me feel comfortable to talk to her and is a compassionate, intelligent person, I’m happy that I had the opportunity to talk to her and I’m sure it has helped me and my relationships during exams.
— Santi M, 18

What’s the investment?

The investment for six 1-hour coaching sessions


CHF 1,140

One-off or fewer sessions are also available at CHF200/hour.

The most important thing with coaching is the right fit between the coach and coachee.

If after the first session, you do not think I’m a good fit for you, I will refund you the remaining sessions.