What if emotions didn’t have to be a nuisance?

What if instead you could learn to understand them?

What if they could become valuable resources that allow you live a fulfilled and meaningful life?

It’s possible.

This Emotion Course was created to help you learn how to understand emotions, where they come from and how to navigate all of them.


What am I supposed to do with all these emotions?

How many times have you wondered this? How many times have you wished you could understand your feelings? Or those of others? If you are human, probably most days where some unpleasant emotions are around - that is if you:

  • have lots of conflicting emotions that often don’t make sense to you

  • Realise that your feelings are influencing your behaviour and way of communicating

  • Are not happy with how you react to your feelings

  • Grew up in a home where emotions were not spoke about or accepted

  • Want to be able to enjoy your ‘positive’ emotions more and know how to navigate the ‘negative’ ones

  • experience anxiety frequently and are not sure how to deal with it

  • Wish you could know what you are feeling and how to express it in a healthy way

  • Were never taught about emotions and are not sure how to deal with them

  • Have realized that ignoring or pushing your feelings aside is not working

  • Feeling numb and disconnected from yourself and life


Does it really have to be like this?

No, it doesn’t.

Understanding emotions is just like learning a language. Emotions are the language of our bodies. At the beginning it can seem difficult but with a little determination, regular practice and good guidance you can become fluent. At some point, it just seems natural and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.


Where did you learn about emotions?

Short answer: most of us didn’t learn about them. Not at school and not at home.

You are doing the best you can.

You are applying what you picked up along the way, but what if you are missing some key knowledge and tools?


I woke up to realise I didn’t have a clue.

I always had a strong character and was bossy from a very young age. I was very direct and lets just say not very tactful at expressing my opinions or getting my way. As a young child I would pinch others when things didn’t go my way. I would also yell and throw tantrums quite easily. In my teen years, I had some serious romantic relationships, which consisted of great ups and downs where I would say things I later regretted, shut my boyfriends out or yell at them with no remorse. A pattern I had was also breaking up and getting back together with them (many times). I now realise that I didn’t understand my feelings and misinterpreted them leading me to take actions that weren’t helpful.

At university, I would get frustrated with others when they didn’t live up to my expectations and I would let them know. That resulted in feeling isolated and not really having as much fun as I could have.

I found myself in my mid-twenties completely lost. I had been a good girl all my life. I had done all the things one would expect like study hard and get good grades, be part of the student council, sport clubs and volunteering, then going to university and get a job. I followed all the ‘rules’ and ticked all the boxes. And then I got there. This place where I had done everything I was supposed to but I wasn’t fulfilled. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to figure out what I really wanted.

Dropping my job and life as I knew it, I set out to figure out what I wanted in life. On that journey I attended a retreat, where I learned about feelings. I learned that they weren’t just an annoyance to put up with. They were actually valuable sources of information that I needed to learn to pay attention to.

I was disconnected from my feelings as a result of trying to always do the ‘right’ thing.

That left me pushed and pulled around by my emotions without even realising it. So I became determined to know what I was feeling and to use this information to guide me. Now after years of research and experimenting on myself, I put together all the knowledge I gained that helped to transform my life. I created the Emotion Course that I wish I would have had. I created the Emotion Course that we should all have as a regular part of school or growing up.

And now I want to share this course with anyone who is interested.


How it works?

The Emotion Course is…

... online (delivered by email)

... start-able anytime 

... bite size (each lesson takes < 5min)

... spread over 10 weeks (3 lessons/week)

... practical and applicable to life immediately