Parent Coaching Program

What if you could go from guessing and questioning your parenting

to knowing that you’ve got this parenting thing

and BEING confidently on the right path?


“Am I doing this right?”

How many times have you asked yourself this?

How often do you and your spouse discuss and wonder about how to respond to a situation?

Probably, most days since your first child was born — that is if you:

  • Feel a great responsibility for your children and how they grow up - getting their needs met, supporting them to have the best chance at life.

  • Recognise that little things today may have a long term impact on your children beyond what you realise today.

  • Do your best to be a great parent and sometimes wonder if it’s enough.

  • Have the best of intentions for all you do for your kids but realise that you might miss something or do something that you later realise wasn’t ideal.

  • Often find yourself wondering, “what is the right way to handle this?”

  • Are constantly trying to figure out what is the best way to support your children.

  • Are challenged by the constant changing needs of each family member, meeting your own needs and somehow balancing it all.

  • Know how you would like to react when your buttons are being pressed, but putting the theory into practice is another thing.

  • Have different views on parenting than your spouse and long for some kind of alignment.

  • May recognise that you don’t have it all figured out and that help from a professional might be quite useful. And at the same time, this takes humility and admitting your vulnerability and limitations and you might not know where to start seeking this support.


What’s more…

… You believe that being a parent is one of the most important, if not THE most important, roles you have in life.

And you only have one shot at getting it right.

So you put a lot of pressure on yourself as parent to do the right thing so that your child grows up to be happy, fulfilled, realise their potential and their dreams, and ultimately to be successful in their own way. 

The thing you fear the most is the idea that you might one day look back and think “If only I had…”


You were never taught how to be a good parent.

Some things you learn from your parents (either because they are good role models or because you decide you definitely don’t want to be like them). Then suddenly you were a parent and just had to make it work somehow. Lots of things go well. And sometimes there are things that you are not sure how to handle or are not going as you would like.

So you ask for advice, you might read books, look to what others are doing and try many things. And all of this happens while life goes on, you have a million things on your to-do-list, everyone in the family needs something from you and you also have needs yourself. It’s a lot.


I get it. There’s a lot at stake here.

I am the oldest of four kids with seven years between me and my youngest sister. Growing up, I took on the mom role to help out and I was very strict and bossy. To the point that my siblings would say “your poor kids one day…” Later on, during my studies as we had lots of group projects, I continued with my way of relating to others and got some very straight and painful feedback. That had me realise I needed to change my ways if I wanted to have good relationships with people. The last thing I wanted was to be was the dreaded mom one day, or the super demanding teammate or leader that people avoided.

So I decided to question myself and opened up to learn different ways of being and communicating that would allow me to be the person I wanted to be. I was ambitious and driven, and I was smart enough to realise that in life I would need to collaborate with many people both in my private life and in my professional life. 


I read many books and visited many courses to understand human psychology and dynamics between people, understanding the needs that we all have and how I impacted those needs getting met depending on how I showed up. I studied why people responded the way they did, what models for communication and collaboration existed and came to realise that what worked for me wasn’t necessarily going to work for everyone. Although we have many things in common with each other, we are all individuals. That was something I had to learn to respect and appreciate.


A large part of my learning journey was about increasing my own self awareness. Part of that was understanding my emotions and developing my emotional literacy, which allowed me to understand others much better. To make a long story short, this all led me to study Applied Positive Psychology - the study of how people, groups and communities thrive. As part of my Masters thesis I developed the Flourishing Family Model, where I brought together what I found to be the core theories and practices that are essential to a Flourishing Family.


The upside of challenge: It led me to create the Parent Coaching Program

I’ve now taken all I have learned from this academic research and created hands-on and practical coaching journey for parents who want to consciously support their family to flourish. The goal is to give you dedicated time and space to reflect, along with structured guidance to address your challenges. The Parent Coaching Program supports you to be the parent you want to be and create the family you want to bring into this world.

The Parent Coaching Program is customised to your challenges. You can get straight to the areas that would be most helpful to you. You save time reading an endless array of books or through the painful trial and error. We make a plan together and I keep you accountable so that you can dedicate your energy to build the family you want to have rather than fighting what you don’t want.



As a starting point, we identify and clarify what your key challenges are. Sometimes these are evident and other times they are masked or hiding. In this stage it’s key that we get to the root of what is problematic for you. Then we can work towards a long-term solution that will last. We don’t just put on a band-aid so the problem comes out in another way.

The challenges may be specific behaviors, times of the day, relationships, rules, responsibilities, attitudes, expectations and more. Behind these are often a set of beliefs or expectations, roles, interpretations and ideals that play a part. We’ll also look at what’s going well for you and how you can capitalise on that in relation to your challenge areas.


Once we know where you are, it’s essential to clarify your goals. We will uncover how you would like your family to be, what kind of parent you want to be until it’s crystal clear what we are working towards. Think of this as your vision for yourself as a parent and for your family. Then we do a sort of gap analysis so we can make a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.



Part of this program is also teaching you about the powerful elements of the Flourishing Family Model. At the core of every flourishing individual or flourishing family are their Beliefs, Basic Psychological Needs and Emotional Intelligence. These are like the components of a car engine that we don’t necessarily see but that are at work and influencing the cars speed, reliability and power.

In particular, we will look at how you can harness this model by developing your own Emotional Intelligence, how you can meet and support the different Basic Psychological Needs of those you love and increase your awareness of your thoughts and beliefs and how to shift them if you chose to. 



We are all doing the best we can at each moment. You are definitely doing lots of things right and it’s important to acknowledge those. At the same time, we always have areas where we can grow and improve further. Things that will make our life easier and better. I call this our growth edge. Every parent has a growth edge. Throughout this program we will identify what your growth edge is (and that of your spouse as they are probably not the same). Then we form a plan to develop these areas.


Who AM I?

I specialise is working with kids and parents because I believe that family and childhood are a powerful place to ensure that individuals flourish. It’s also the time and place where we can learn to flourish together with others, which is essential for a fulfilled and meaningful life. My experience with kids and parents has shown me that they are doing the best they can. Sometimes that is great. Sometimes it really could be better. Most people act out of good intentions but sometimes they don’t realise the effect they will have.

I am passionate about supporting those who question themselves and their ways, would perhaps like things to be better or who simply want to continue growing and improving as parents. My passion has led me to study different parenting styles, to realise there is no one answer for the ‘right’ technique. There are however some very powerful principles that apply to all humans that can be leveraged. Like the importance of connection, supporting each others’ autonomy, creating structure so that competence can develop as well as tools and skills to go alongside these.

I have a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and multiple certificates in Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuroscience and am an International Association of Coaching Masteries Practitioner and a Big Leap Coach from the Hendricks Institute. I also created Feeling Magnets, My Feelings Box and Feeling Bodies - tangible tools to help develop our Emotional Intelligence (Find out more about the tools here) and am the author of the Emotion Course.

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Over the period of nine-months we have a 2-hour monthly session, either face-to-face or via webcam with both parents. In between the sessions, we have weekly check-in calls (30-min) to see how things are going, address any challenges or obstacles that might be coming up. You also receive short curated readings or videos that help you to deepen your knowledge and are asked to reflect periodically on how things are going for you.


So that means you have a total of:

  • 9 x 2-hour coaching sessions online (18 hours of coaching)

  • 27 x 30-min check-in calls (13 hours of check-in and accountability)

  • Custom curated resources to support you on your way as needed

  • Targeted homework so that theory gets into practice asap and you start seeing results early on


Is this Parent Coaching Program for you?


This is for you if…

  • are curious to learn and grow yourself as a person

  • recognise you are human and have your limitations

  • are willing to invest yourself for the greater good of your family

This is not for you if you…

  • want a quick fix that requires no effort

  • are unwilling to make changes to how you show up in life

  • want to play the blame-game and take no responsibility


What’s the investment?

Your total investment for the Parent Coaching Program that will help you to get your family flourishing.


CHF 6,000


This includes:

  • 9 months of coaching (1 x 2-hour session each month)

    = TOTAL 18 hours of coaching

  • 9 months of check-in calls (30-min check-in call each week)

    = TOTAL 13 hours of check-in and accountability

  • Custom curated resources to support you on your way as needed

  • Targeted homework so that theory gets into practice asap and you start seeing results early on


Is this the right solution for me?

I’m sure you might have some hesitations or questions, after all, this is no small investment of time, energy and finances. So let me address some of these questions here:

Will this Parent Coaching Program really help me and my family?

This coaching program offers a customised journey for you to reflect on your family, your parenting and yourself. Through reflection and learning, we grow and we improve.

It’s a big investment, how do I know if it will be worth it?

If you look at all the time and energy you will save from better understanding yourself, the needs of your loved ones and the increased flourishing of each individual as well as your relationships, this is a small investment. It will end up saving you lots of time and frustration because we will be tailor and focus on the things that will bring you the best results.

What if only one parent can come to the sessions?

If you are a single parent, this is absolutely fine. If you are parenting together with someone and are on good terms with that person, then I recommend for maximum return that you both come to the sessions. If this is not possible for one reason or the other, it is still possible to do the Parent Coaching Program and we will do the best we can together.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

The most important thing with coaching is the right fit between the coach and coachee. If after the first session, you or your spouse do not think I’m a good fit for you and what you need at the moment, you will receive a refund for all remaining sessions. If you go through the full program and apply yourself to make the changes discussed and you do not see improvements in your family, I will refund you every cent.

Can I have a payment plan?

My experience shows that engagement is higher and the program is more successful when the investment is made up front. However, if this is not possible for some reason, we can always find an arrangement.

What if for some reason we need to pause the sessions (moving, health, holidays…)?

Life happens and we can work with that. Regularity in sessions is important so that you can feel the momentum and see results as quickly as possible. If something comes up, we will plan around that as best possible.